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Hakuro body shaping bouncing mat

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This product has a unique structure of high elasticity and high density polyurethane foam sandwiched with springs, elastic shock absorption and shock absorption materials, the volume is lower than 45dB, and it can be used at ease in an apartment.

The bottom is made of non-slip material, so you can jump safely even on a slippery floor! Ingeniously and perfectly integrated into the decoration, it can also be used as a mini sofa or footstool!

It can withstand a weight of 100kg, both adults and children can use
Easy to clean, the outer cloth cover can be removed for cleaning
New type of bounce bed, elastic exercise to reduce physical strain
Exercise performance is increased by 3 times, and it can solve the problem of insufficient exercise at home
From weight loss exercise to adults Children play, the whole family can enjoy the fun

Do not use in the following cases
・Persons who are pregnant or who may become pregnant
・Persons weighing more than 100kg
・Bone, joint or spinal cord diseases, and symptoms may worsen due to exercise
・People with blood circulation disorders such as aneurysms, venous aneurysms, blood clots and other diseases, drinkers