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Hakuro High Pressure Moisturizing Oxygen Injector

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Don't use the toner with your hands anymore~ It's too wasteful
Put it directly into the bottom of the skin!
1️⃣Deep Rejuvenation
Effective moisturizing and skin care use strong pressure to add toner or essence to the oxygen injection device to convert particle-shaped water droplets into extremely small molecular weight skin (5-200vm microns). Tiny water droplets will be sprayed in the form of high-pressure spray. The designed nozzle sprays out and injects the essence into the bottom layer of human skin extremely quickly.

2️⃣Skin care
Using strong pressure oxygen and water-soluble nutrient solution or essence products to effectively whiten and rejuvenate the skin, dark circles, improve skin fatigue, dull yellow, and dull skin, thoroughly remove skin garbage, skin hydration, and supplement nutrition.

Japan 🇯🇵Hakuro High Pressure Moisturizing Oxygen Injection Device
4 major functions:
💦Moisturizing and replenishing    The skin is deep-layered and high-pressure replenishing product, so the hydrating effect is very good, and the moisturizing effect is long-lasting, making the skin lasting moisturized and shiny.
💁🏻 Improve skin tone    can stimulate the skin's metabolism to speed up, can quickly discharge the melanin in the human body, improve the dark yellow and dry skin, brighten the skin tone, and make the skin bright and white.
🙅🏼Contract pores    can stimulate the skin to accelerate metabolism, have the effect of shrinking cell pores, and make the skin firmer and smoother.
👸🏻 Remove wrinkles    has a very good wrinkle removal effect. It can fill the sagging skin, stretch facial fine lines and crow's feet, Sichuan characters, etc., and tighten the skin.

Generally speaking, normal air has only 20% oxygen!
After turning on the high-pressure moisturizing oxygen injection device, add specific oxygen injection essence or oxygen injection toner, the oxygen injection device will compress to 95% oxygen active factor, and then spray 95% oxygen ions and then 200 meters/ It penetrates the pores at a high speed of 2 seconds and penetrates directly into the bottom layer of the muscle.

Why use a high-pressure moisturizing oxygen injection device for the skin?
Because the high speed of the high-pressure moisturizing oxygen injection device can kill the anaerobic bacteria in the skin, so that the skin cells are not prone to acne, long grains or sensitive.

What are anaerobic bacteria?
Anaerobic bacteria are bacteria that live in the skin and body and do not require oxygen. For example, acne on the skin epidermis, appendicitis and gastritis in the body contain anaerobic bacteria.

High pressure moisturizing oxygen injection instrument
Make the skin have enough oxygen to activate cells and metabolize aging cells. If the skin is treated with oxygen for 5-10 minutes continuously, the skin will become crystal clear, as long as one oxygen injection is equivalent to three skin treatments Ordinary care! It is equivalent to applying 10 masks in a row!