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Hakuro Leg Massager (Foot Set)

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Product Features

This product massages the calf muscles through airbag squeezing.
Heating has a very good soothing effect on calf edema, leg muscle soreness after exercise, leg shaping... etc. It is a home masseur.

***Two-foot suit: Includes left and right foot models***

Very light weight and wireless design, you can carry it with you
Rechargeable design, it can massage and keep your legs warm at any time

Simple operation, easy to use, silent massage
Two temperature modes of warm and hot compress, low temperature 38 degrees, high temperature 45 degrees, relieve leg muscle soreness
Three modes, two levels of intensity, self-adjusting according to needs, and rapid recovery of vitality
The product can be used on one foot or both feet together
No need to plug in, the airbag and the main unit are integrally formed, and the wireless does not affect the operation
Folding storage is light and easy to carry, suitable for home office travel, and massage anytime, anywhere
※Be sure to refer to the instructions for use~Operate/Clean the product before use.

Dedicated to:
Working in the office for a long time, blood in the legs is not smooth, which can easily cause varicose veins
Standing or walking for a long time, sore leg muscles
If you do not stretch in time after exercise, it is easy to cause muscle soreness and stoutness
It's cold, it can warm your legs