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Super Huarong Road | Thinking Trainer | Children's Educational Toys 500+ Training Levels | Single and Double Couples Induction Clearance Game Machine

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Product features

  • The metaphoris one of the three high-quality human puzzle games
  • Thinking training—Train logic and spatial thinking, establish mathematical models, and improve concentration, coordination, observation, and reaction. Learn to use mathematics, logic, space and other methods to think about problems
  • Intelligent customs clearance sensorExit areaWith induction function, there are sound and animation effects during customs clearance to increase the fun
  • Magnetic feel—Different from traditional puzzles, it adopts a magnetic design, which is not easy to scatter, is easy to move, and is resistant to falling and playing
  • Decompression & Anti-depression—The ‘click, click’ sound has a certain decompression effect when moving
  • Rich levels—500+ kinds of opening pictures, the ultimate version of the puzzle, will not be boring because of the small number of levels
  • Built-in animation teaching mode—Animation display helps novices to solve problems step by step
  • Limited-time problem-solving challenge—Compete with your family at any time, automatically score, and enhance your relationship

Product introduction

Help to use imagination, cultivate logical thinking, observe, push paragraphs, solve problems, patience, and super diverse gameplay
Training concentration, parents and children do it together, and the competition is fast

Super Huarong Road, the best alternative to mobile phones-the first educational gift for students at the beginning of school

Through training, guide learning and cultivate logical thinking

A total of more than 500 levels, Step by step, guide learning, establish logical thinking, spatial logic, improve memory, mathematical thinking, concentration, and observation; through all-round training, establish mathematics , Space, logic and other ways to think about the problem

A favorite for puzzle lovers! Super puzzle training can effectively stimulate thinking, help the formation of judgment and patience. Improve fine motor skills and large muscle motor skills, easy to learn, a jigsaw puzzle game that children and adults will fall in love with at once.

Smart upgrade, play math games

Classic math game upgrade! Super Huarong Road has built-in 500+ openings, from easy to difficult, with zero basics, you can easily play, you can also check the problem-solving teaching, enter the challenge mode, automatically recognize and pass the level and prompt, bring unlimited fun to your problem-solving journey!

Built-in 500+ training levels! From simple to difficult, guide learning step by step to establish logical thinking, improve memory, establish spatial logic, and improve mathematical thinking, concentration, and observation

Intelligent clearance induction to solve problems with a sense of accomplishment

The exit area of ​​the chessboard has a sensing function, and it will prompt immediately when the target block arrives. The cheerful clearance sound and animation effects enhance the sense of accomplishment in solving the problem.

Follow the teaching step by step to solve the problem

Always can't find a breakthrough? Long press the L button to immediately enter the teaching mode, dynamically demonstrate the problem-solving steps, support fast forward and fast rewind, guide the player to simplify the problem, split the problem-solving process into several small goals, defeat them one by one, and solve the problem!

Limited time challenge

Compare and see who scores higher

The companion app finds more ways to play

Using the Super Huarongdao App, you can customize the start and solve it, and there are many Huarongdao gameplays waiting for you to challenge! *Please go to the major application markets to search for Super Huarong Road, and download and use it for free.

Magnetic hand feel, with a light push, automatically in place

The chessboard and the chess pieces are equipped with magnets. The proper magnetic design can be aligned in place with a light push. The hand feels light and smooth, and the chess pieces are not easy to fall apart. At the same time, the problem-solving speed is improved.

Handheld size can play with one hand and both hands

The design is inspired by handheld game consoles. The Super Huarong Road is only the size of a handheld game console. It can be played on the desktop or in the hand. It is compact and portable and can be played anytime, anywhere.

Minimal geometry

Fun, fun, and attractive

Detailed design

The endurance data comes from the computer laboratory, and the specific use time is affected by the frequency of use and the battery model

Product size

Product parameters

  • Product model: JKHRD001
  • Main material: ABS
  • Checkerboard size: 175×108×25mm
  • Packing size: 188×110×52mm
  • Package weight: 292g
  • Battery parameters: 2 AAA batteries
  • Package contains: chessboard, big square*1, small square*12, long bar*5