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Cheerble Wicked Ball 智能寵物玩具球🐶令寵物獨自喺屋企都可運動玩樂

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I always believe that if I go out on the street by myself, my pets will do things in the house, and they will be so bored and lonely
Cheerble Wicked Ball smart pet toy ball can be a fun playmate for pets when the house is not crowded

Cheerble Wicked Ball uses pets’ curiosity about dynamic objects to attract pets to touch and follow, and we will give feedback on pets’ touch in a timely manner.

With just one button to start, it will automatically roll or shake to attract pets' attention. When pets touch the Cheerble smart pet toy ball, it will automatically respond with fast scrolling or jumping to interact with the pet.

There are three modes, gentle mode, normal mode and active mode. Pets that are quiet or active can play.
There are two models for cats and dogs.

The cat-specific shell is made of plush material, with small holes on both sides, one side can put cat grass, and the other side can put snacks, which is more attractive for cats to interact.

Product specifications

Diameter: 77MM ·Weight: 200G

Battery 3.7V 300mAh

·Operating temperature: 0-40℃

·Color: yellow/green/blue; wool style