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Made in Hong Kong In food Spicy Abalone (350g) 8-11 pcs

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In Food type food, the latest high-quality instant frozen plate, 🇭🇰100% Hong Kong brand, 🇭🇰100% made in Hong Kong, ⛔no preservatives

Spicy Abalone ​(Defrosting means food)
Taste spicy and delicious,Super pungent,SpicyChicken A must for cook lovers!
Eating it will not be too "choking" and spicy, pepper fragrantflavored

The soul of spicy snacks comes from the homemade spicy spicy sauce, which is made from various spices such as green pepper oil, bean paste, chili powder, and crushed chili. It has a rich flavor and rich spicy flavor.
The most attractive is that the spicy snacks are vacuum-packaged, as long as they are placed in the ice cabinet, they can be stored for about half a year, and they can be ordered "Kanmenkou" for noodles or wine delivery. The same is top-notch.

100% Made in Hong Kong
✓No added preservatives
350g per box 8-11 pcs

⭕Frozen goods must be delivered by SF Express
⭕It takes time to pre-order, ship within 14 days
⭕Date of use: Within half a year after the date of production