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Wanke Hot Pot-Spicy Duck Blood Made in Taiwan (710g)

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Wanke Spicy Duck Blood Pot + Rolled Q Ball Instant Noodles🍜
Ma, spicy, tender, and fragrant, what will touch your taste buds!

Prepared stewed with Chinese herbal medicine, the thick and mellow spicy soup base: numb but not strong, spicy but not choking!

● Full and juicy duck blood, smooth in the mouth
● Must-have rolls Q bomb instant noodles with perfect scores
● Chinese herbal medicine stew, Sichuan fragrant spicy and mellow soup base

Place of Origin: Taiwan
Preservation method: Store in a cool place at room temperature for 6 months (unopened, please eat as soon as possible after opening)
Net weight: 710g (1 serving/box) (700g of Vanilla Spicy Duck Blood + 10g of Red Oil Package)

Allergen information: This product contains soybeans and its products are not suitable for people with allergies